1st Managerial Meeting, 28-29 September 2015, Nicosia, Cyprus

The 1st Managerial Meeting was held at the Cyprus Productivity Centre (CPC) premises, in Nicosia, on 28-29 September 2015.

The Meeting started with a welcome address from Maria Mikellides, on behalf of CPC, the organizer of the Meeting and Stella Karava, on behalf of OAED.
Maria Mikellides from the CPC, informed the group that, as from September 2015, the responsibility for Apprenticeship in Cyprus has been assumed by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC). The CPC is still involved in the transition phase while the MoEC will be involved in the implementation of the Project.
The Meeting started with an overview of the current state of the Project, and continued with the presentation of objectives, current activities and plans for the forthcoming period.
On behalf of CPC, Andreas Polydorou presented the outcomes of the focus group held in Cyprus. Also, Andreas Polydorou presented the Apprenticeship System in Cyprus (New Modern Apprenticeship) and the field work results (questionnaires) completed by two Employers Organisations, two Trade Unions and nine Professional Associations. The results were in line with the outcomes of the focus group discussion.
On behalf of CCCI, Monica Andreou presented the entrepreneurial environment in Cyprus.
On behalf of OAED, Anna Kompothekra presented the logo of the Project (WP6), and the activities involved in WP4, regarding the selection of 2 sectors and 2 professions for the Pilot Implementation of in-company apprenticeship procedures.
On behalf of BIBB, Kristina Hensen-Reifgens presented the plan for the development and adaptation of in-companies apprenticeship procedures (WP3). The presentation included a description on how apprenticeship training is organized and structured in Germany, with the company and the VET school working in parallel and coming together through coordination committees.
On behalf of IEP, Maria Nika made a presentation regarding the External Evaluation of the Project, under WP5.
On behalf of IME GSEVEE, Vassilis Siomadis presented the Dissemination Plan of the Project (WP6) and the Management Quality Assurance Guide (WP1).

1st Managerial Meeting Invitation, Agenda and Presentations

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