4th Managerial Meeting, 15-16 February 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece

The 4th Managerial Meeting was held at IME GSEVEE premises, in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 15 16 February 2017

1st Day of the Metting 15.02.2017
The Meeting started with a welcome address from Maria Nika, on behalf of IEP, the organizer of the Meeting. Following, on behalf of the Coordinator OAED, Maria Bartsoka, addressed to the participants making an overview of the Project’s progress. She presented all the Working Packages and gave details about the final dates of all the deliverables. Subsequently, the relevant clarifications were made regarding the submission dates of the Final Financial Report and the completion of the Physical and the Financial Object of the NAAGRCY Project. Following, Irene Kyriakidi (IEP) presented the contents of the «Guide for in-company Trainers of apprentices» and Revveka Chroussala (IEP) explained the specific teaching scenarios that were used in the Greek version of the Guide. On behalf of BIBB, Isabelle Le Mouillour presented the National Dissemination Activities in Germany concerning the NAAGRCY Project.

2nd Day of the Meeting 16.02.2017
On the 2nd day of the Meeting, financial issues of the Project were developed.  On behalf of IEP, Irene Kyriakidi and Revveka Chroussala presented the activities regarding the pilot implementation of in-company apprenticeship from IEP and OAED. Also, Vassilis Siomadis (IME GSEVEE) made a brief presentation of the Projects Results Exploitation Plan, followed a discussion on this.