The 4th Thematic Workshop was held at the IME GSEVEE premises in Thesalloniki, Greece, on 16 February 2017.

The 4th Thematic Workshop was organized under Work Package 7 of the Project, and aimed primarily to inform local stakeholders about the Projects main aims, objectives and results, in particular to consult with them about the possibilities for further exploitation of these results after the end of Project life cycle (e.g. networking and transfer of knowhow and good practices to other relevant stakeholders in local/regional/national/international level).

On behalf of the organizer, IME GSEVEE, Aggelos Kountourgiannis, welcomed the participants. Following, Paraskevas Lintzeris (IME GSEVEE) introduced the purpose and the content of the Workshop. Subsequently, NAAGRCY Project Manager, Athanasia Theodoridou presented to the participants the main aims, objectives, activities, and results of the Project. Vassilis Siomadis (IME GSEVEE) presented the main points of Projects Result Exploitation Plan, which is the main output of WP7. On behalf of BIBB, Isabelle Le Mouillour presented Projects experiences from the adaptation of the German Apprenticeship System. Following, Professor of Aristotle University of Thessalonikι, Grigoris Zarotiadis presented the experiences and expectations of his team during the development of a Feasibility Study concerning the design of a pilot Apprenticeship System in the Manufactory Sector in North Greece, funded by BIBB. Subsequenlty, the President of Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED) Anastasios Vasiliadis,  presented some European SMEs Apprenticeship/Training models which achieved remarkable results recruitment of trainees/young people. Finaly, there were discussion feed-back from the participants.